Simple Christmas Traditions

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Simple Christmas Traditions


It is winter time again. Recently in a homeschooling group that I am part of, a mother asked about the favourite winter holiday and Christmas traditions in our families. I felt lucky for these glimpses. It was heart warming to have a window into the intimate and beloved celebrations of other families.

After reading about others, it was simple to identify what have become the favourite traditions of my own small family.

What I love best about our own Christmases are the handmade tree ornaments that we make each year. I also love the handmade ornaments that are given to us by others. Just last night a 6-year-old friend brought my son a wooden decoration she made for him. This sweet tree ornament has now joined our collection of memories that we will share together each year.


Baking gingerbread cookies is also a moment together that my son looks forward to and begins asking about months before the Christmas season. “When are we going to make gingerbread cookies?”, “Can we bake the gingerbread cookies today?!” I think he was happy to return the gesture of gift giving by handing his young friend and her family a box of our gingerbread cookies. My daughter is not really at the age to help, but she loved smelling all the spices and picking scraps of dough off the floor while her brother and I worked away.


I also love our Christmas stockings that I have made for each of us as our family has grown from just my husband and I into a family of four.

The most relaxing moment of Christmas, though, is also probably the most relaxing moment of my year. I treasure this time dearly. I should probably make this my happy place whenever I need a vision in a chaotic day to bring me peace. After the gifts are opened and the kids can be occupied with the novelty of new play things, the time arrives to sit on the floor, slowly sip coffee, and nibble on warm, toasted panettone with butter on top. A few days ago, my young son asked about the box of panettone that has been on our shelf for two weeks. I told him that we eat Italian cake for breakfast on Christmas morning. His eyes grew wide: “We eat cake for breakfast?” He had to repeat the question twice, he was so incredulous with my simple answer of “Yes”. It is the simplicity of our Christmas traditions that I savour the most.


Felt Gingerbread Men Tree Ornaments

One of my favourite ornaments to make have been the felt Gingerbread People. This was before I had learned to felt, so I used the technique of fulling: on an extended cycle, I washed old 100% wool sweaters in hot water (make sure you add laundry detergent) and then dried them on the hottest setting of our dryer. This successfully felted the wool . Using cookie cutters, I trced paper patterns to use to cut out the gingerbread men. With embroidery thread and a few different embroidery stitches, I doubled up the felt pieces and stitched them together around the edges. I added buttons for eyes and the traditional buttons. I love these ornaments! Since my son was too young to sew, I cut out a bunch of trim pieces from lace, the felted sweaters, ribbons and even stamps from Christmas cards. My son would pick the trim and let me know where he wanted me to apply the fabric glue for him. I love his ornaments even more!




The bell was a surprise for my son on Christmas morning. I am really happy that he has an appreciation for the handmade and that he actually loves his bell.



Felt gingerbread baby ornaments for the tree by mama is inspired.


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