Handmade Doll

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handmade doll by mama is inspired

My baby is one! For her birthday I gave her a  handmade doll. I didn’t plan to make such a large doll but I was already committed to the project before I realized that this doll would be about the same size my daughter is. My local YMCA has shelves of free books and I picked up this booklet from the 1980s. Nowhere did the booklet reveal the measurements of the doll. A friend and I both ordered supplies to make the dolls for our kids and got to work immediately after the supplies arrived.

I love how my daughter’s doll turned out. I decided to make the doll look like her. Due to the size it’s more like a twin than a mini me!

I embroidered the doll’s eyes to look like my daughter’s bright, big eyes.

handmade doll embroidered eyes

 I ordered a pattern for the mohair doll’s hair but didn’t use this. I wanted something less dense so I used a half double crochet stitch instead of a single crochet. I did use the technique offered with the pattern of removing the mohair from the carrier thread to give the hair some fluff.

handmade doll mohair wig

My baby has an innie so I made the belly button accordingly

handmade doll belly button

The soft bodied doll is made of cotton interlock and is stuffed firmly with wool batting.

handmade doll body

I made discs cut out of hard, plastic gesso containers to insert into the limbs to make articulated joints for the arms and legs.

handmade doll leg

handmade doll articulated foint

My daughter was fascinated by the doll even before it was put together.

handmade doll with baby Mama is Inspired

The limbs were sewn into the doll using a 7 inch long needle. The arms and legs are amazing: they are moveable!

handmade doll wiht moveable arms and legs

When my daughter met her new doll on her birthday she quickly embraced the doll, cooed happily, and pulled at the doll’s nose and grabbed her hair. I was delighted and heartened by my baby girl’s reaction to the handmade doll that she just might have for all her life.

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