Our First Wet Felted Easter Eggs

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Wet Felted Easter Eggs Mama is Inspired


I belong to some Waldorf crafting groups on facebook and for the past month I’ve been seeing a whole lot of photos of  homemade felt Easter eggs. I have been finding them delightful but with no experience with wet felting I didn’t think I would be making any myself. But then last week at my son’s small homeschool preschool meet-up, my friend who was leading us all for the day taught us how to wet felt flowers. We used plastic Easter eggs for the base! I was so excited to do this project with the kids and thought that now perhaps I could make a bunch of Easter eggs using this method…but of course not this year. I’m far too too busy. I should have known myself better! At the beginning of the week I found myself wondering if my husband and I were going to end up doing anything at all for the kids for Easter. By the end of the week my four-year-old  and I had made twenty-one wet felted Easter eggs for slipping Easter treats into!


Playing with Felted Egg Mama is Inspired


Playing with Wet Felted Easter Egg Mama is Inspired


To wet felt the eggs, we wrapped lengths of wool roving around plastic eggs that I borrowed from my mother. Then we dipped these into hot, sudsy water and began to quickly pat the wool down onto and around the plastic egg. I learned from my friend that you want the wool that is next to the plastic egg -the inner wool- to felt first. We kept on patting the eggs, dipping them in the hot water repeatedly and adding squirts of soap onto the eggs. After the felt seemed snug on the inside layer of our eggs, we alternated dipping then in cold and hot water, continuing to pat and squeeze the eggs until they seemed quite firm.


Wet Felting Egg mama is Inspired


Wet Felting Easter Egg in Sink Mama is Inspired


When we made flowers with our preschool group it became apparent that wet felting is a very long process. For some it might seem tedious. I wanted to speed it up at home so that we could make lots of eggs in time for Easter. We worked on each egg until the inside layer seemed felted, then put a little more soap on each, and placed all the eggs into a pillow case which I secured shut with an elastic band. I threw the case of eggs into the washing machine on the hot cycle for a moderate amount of time and this is where we let the rest of the magic happen. (Some of the plastic eggs opened up in the washing machine producing smaller eggs but these are still beautiful and useable). When the cycle was finished we let the felt eggs air dry.


Wet Felted Egg with Button Closure Mama is Inspired



Wet Felted Easter Eggs Mama is Inspired


Once the eggs were all dry I began cutting them open with my small thread snipping scissors. I embroidered the edges and added a button to each so that they can be closed once the Easter treats are place inside. I am looking forward to hiding these handmade eggs in our garden this weekend!



Hoppy Easter! Mama is Inspired

Happy Easter!



2 thoughts on “Our First Wet Felted Easter Eggs

  1. Bravo! They are beautiful! I really like the colors you chose.
    If you close the plastic eggs up with electrical tape they will not open up in the washing machine. :)
    Happy Easter!

    • Thank you, Rae, for your lovely comments and also for the tip about the electrical tape. I will make sure to do that next time!

      I will also check out your shop on Etsy.

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