Felted Wool Cuffs

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Felted Wool Cuffs


Wool cuffs I noticed on Etsy looked like the right gifts for my 4-year-old and I to felt together for his Québecoise grandmothers. I have only a small amount of experience with wet felting and I had absolutely no knowledge of nuno felting until minutes before we embarked on our project. Still, I was convinced that my son would be able to do most of the work so that these gifts really would be his to give. Right after we watched videos on how to nuno felt, my son referred to our new craft as a science experiment. His choice of words felt great. “Experiment” meant he wouldn’t be crushed if our cuffs were a complete failure. “Experiment” meant that this might actually be his expectation. As I really had no idea what I was doing I was happy that he had given us the room to fail completely and end up with nothing but a mess. At the same time I felt the essential confidence that I could be both patient and stubborn enough that we would like what we ended up with and that his grandmothers might wear their cuffs not only out of love but also because they actually liked the wool bracelets.


The project did in fact work out! I also learned a lot. In spite of doing it differently next time, any experienced felter would surely shake her head at even our revised process. I still don’t know what I am doing!


My son enjoyed laying out all the wool roving, wrapping the wool up in bubble wrap and then rolling it over and over. He lasted much longer with the rolling pin than I had expected. He actually did 8 minutes straight before asking me to take a turn! I was impressed. My youngest child also delighted in splashing her little hands in the pyrex dish of water after we introduced a second “technique”. The extra step brought everything together and also provided me with a wave of motherly relief to know that even my one-year-old was having a great time. Success!



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