Classic Pin Tuck Dress

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Classic Pin Tuck Dress


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The Pin Tuck Dress is my favourite child’s pattern to work with. While there are lots of other kids patterns I regularly sew from, this one by Heidi & Finn is the design I find most versatile. Before I became a mother I used to design patterns and sew a lot for myself. My pattern drafting tools are all in storage, though, and anyways I no longer have enough time to work on anything too complicated or that actually has to fit.


Playing around with the Pin Tuck pattern provides me with the creative moments that feel so essential to me, that keep me well oiled. These moments of pattern manipulations are brief and this is exactly what makes them doable at this stage in my life. I share almost every moment of waking life with my two young children! These kids have a lot of needs that are more essential than my creative time!



Even without any changes, the Pin Tuck Dress is a beautiful pattern. Here it is in a  simple gray knit fabric trimmed with black bias tape. I usually make my own bias tape but in this case I used store bought. This is a dress that might be too sophisticated for a one-year-old! I keep thinking that I would like to trade in my own wardrobe for my daughter’s. This dress would probably be a good place to start.


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