Bunny Mobile for Baby

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Baby Bunny Mobile by Mama is Inspired


At around the eighth month of my pregnancy with my daughter I was overtaken by a strong nesting urge. The power of this urge was a surprise to me as it had much more in common with desperation than with simple desire. Although I successfully kept the feelings to myself, I was entirely fixated on creating the nursery for my baby. I was desperate to get started on her room. Only there was not going to be a bedroom for my baby! No nursery to plan and no nursery to complete! I felt a bit sad about this fact but at the same time I was able to remind myself that these feelings were only temporary and would subside as soon as my baby was born.

Even though I had no nursery to decorate I found myself going back time and again to look at this nursery. I adore almost everything about this room: the colours, the ottoman, the calm. And especially the mobile. I fell in love with the felt elephant mobile. It’s so sweet.

My daughter would not have her nursery but she would have one tiny space of her own. Cuddled up next to my bed she would have her little co-sleeper and that co-sleeper would give her just enough space to have her own handmade mobile.

I wanted to make a yellow and white mobile but the only one hundred percent wool sweaters that I came across in thrift stores were blue. Blue had to do and it did nicely. I fulled the sweaters in the washing machine by washing them twice in hot water along with with a large towel and a bit of detergent. Then I put them through the dryer on high. Essentially, the fulling process turns a knitted or crocheted garment into felt.


Bunny for Mobile Mama is Inspired


The next stages of this project consumed many, many hours. I was lucky to have a little staycation near the end of my pregnancy while my husband and son went away without me for seven whole days. This time alone was a little peace of heaven. I might have spent it relaxing, writing, catching up with friends over tea, or just staring at the ceiling. But I didn’t. Instead I lived in a state of frenzied crafting, trying to get as much made as I could in my first alone time since my son had been born three years earlier. It was an amazing week!!!


Baby Bunny Mobile Stars and Clouds by Mama is Inspired


When my son was born I had been given a mobile that my friend’s mother-in-law picked up at a thrift store. It was a surprise to me that my son enjoyed watching the airplanes go around and around as much as he did. I took this apart and used the frame and music box for my daughter’s new mobile. For the new mobile I cut and sewed bunnies, clouds and stars from the fulled wool sweaters and then stuffed the bunnies and clouds with organic cotton batting. I attached all of these to ribbons and tied them to the frame which I then wrapped with some bamboo fabric I had on hand. As corny as it sounds, this project was truly driven by my heart.


Baby Mobile Bunny by Mama is Inspired


At one year of age my daughter is still captivated by the wool bunnies as they dance by above her head. Most of the time, though, now that my daughter can reach the mobile, she likes to yank on the bunnies as hard as she can and thrash them back and forth, back and forth. Obviously, she still loves her mobile :)


Baby with her Handmade Mobile by Mama is Inspired


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